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The name pretty much says it all. Our staff has years of experience in municipal water treatment plant design, conducted numerous water treatability studies, and has designed chemical treatment protocols for numerous large treatment facilities. There is a fair chance the municipal treatment plant supplying your water may have had there treatment protocol designed by a member of our staff! We have been called upon to troubleshoot serious water chemistry problems for many water treatment plants throughout the United States and Canada. You can be certain our products are the highest quality and our advice the best available. We do not know of ANY other company with this kind of expertise. Typically this kind of expert advice is not available directly to the public.

An overwhelming number of companies which sell and install water treatment systems are primarily plumbing companies (even if they do not state so). They do not have a true understanding of water chemistry and available treatment processes. This is dangerous, because ANY filter will certainly make your water taste better which may lead you to believe you are being protected. However, the wrong treatment option can aggravate a potentially serious problem while leaving you with a false sense of security. For example, some companies sell filters which remove iron or sulfur, but fail to mention that it is only effective within a pH range of 6.5 -7.5 or that additional treatment is required. Some sell filters with hazardous silver impregnates which can cause serious health problems if used in the wrong application.

In addition, many websites which sell water filters also sell many other products and have no real knowledge of the products they sell. Many larger well known companies that do specialize in water filters, are often staffed by inexperienced technicians. In fact, members of our staff have been sent to residential and industrial water treatment sites to troubleshoot and correct major problems caused by very well known water treatment companies. Which will go nameless, so we don’t get sued.